Professional Profile: Scott Spector 2023

Scott Spector

Name: Scott Spector

Title: Principal

Company: Spectorgroup

Location: New York

Birthplace: New Hyde Park

Name: Scott Spector, AIA

Title: Principal

Company: Spectorgroup

Location: New York, NY

Birthplace: New Hyde Park, NY

Education: University of Michigan, University of Maryland

First job: Brennan Beer Gorman

First job in real estate or allied field: Brennan Beer Gorman

What do you do now and what are you planning for the future?: I work closely with building owners, real estate developers and brokers to deliver forward-thinking design solutions that shape the way people live, work and experience the built environment. Our work spans across market sectors, including commercial, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, education and workplace. We’ve been a part of the real estate community in Miami for a while now and recently opened a new office there to continue to serve our clients and capitalize on strategic opportunities in the Southeast.

How do you unwind from a busy day?: Family time!

Favorite book or author: “The Hunt for the Red October” by Tom Clancy

Favorite movie: “Mister Roberts”

Favorite streaming series: “The Queen’s Gambit”

One word to describe your work environment: Warm

Rules to live by in business: Speed to quality service!

If you could invite one person to dinner (living or dead, but not related to you) who would it be and where would you go? I’d dine with the late Bo Schembechler, former football coach for University of Michigan, at The Brown Jug.

What is your DREAM job? (Something other than your current job): Professional athlete.