Professional Profile: Erika Moshkovich 2024

Erika Moshkovich

Name: Erika Moshkovich

Title: Vice President, Regional Marketing Communications Director

Company: STV Incorporated

Location: New York

Birthplace: Ukraine

Education:  B.B.A. in Marketing Management and Pre-Law, Pace University, New York City.

First job: Telemarketing for a national newspaper.

First job in real estate or allied field: Marketing coordinator at HFF now JLL.

What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? I currently manage the marketing communications/proposal team for STV’s Buildings group. In the future, I hope to help my group grow into new markets and geographical areas, as well as strengthen its reputation as a leading A/E firm. I also serve as the vice president/president-elect of The Society for Marketing Professionals New York Chapter (SMPS-NY). My goals for the chapter include growing our chapter membership and member engagement through educational, networking, and professional development opportunities.

How do you unwind from a busy day? I like to catch up with my son, listen to all the new, exciting things he learned that day and spend time with him drawing. Afterward, I enjoy watching shows on Netflix/Prime.

Favorite author: John Grisham.

Favorite movie: Hmmm… there are so many.

Favorite streaming series: Most recently, I enjoyed watching “The Crown” on Netflix.

One word to describe your work environment: There is probably not one word to describe my work environment. I navigate an environment, akin to an air traffic controller, balancing external interactions, relationship building, and problem-solving across diverse stakeholders, ensuring coordination, timeliness and solution-focused outcomes.

Rules to live by in business: In the business world, just like in my personal life, the two rules I try to live by are honesty and commitment to keeping one’s word.

If you could invite one person to dinner (living or dead, but not related to you) who would it be and where would you go? From a historical perspective, I would invite myself to Buckingham Palace to dine with Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. Princess Diana’s unwavering dedication to numerous charitable causes and her profound impact on countless lives make her an inspirational figure. Queen Elizabeth II’s life has been a remarkable journey, spanning various eras, including wartime, periods of occupation, and multiple prime ministers. Her ability to adapt to change and evolve as a person over the years is a compelling aspect I would be eager to learn from.

What is your DREAM job? (something other than your current job): A fashion designer specializing in crafting stylish and visually appealing yet functional attire, such as dresses and skirts featuring convenient pockets. This allows me to blend my creative enthusiasm with a focus on practical problem-solving.