Founders Message

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Roland Hopkins, founder of the New York Real Estate Journal Roland Hopkins, founder of the New York Real Estate Journal

What’s a niche publication you ask? Warren Buffett figured that out several years ago and bought a bunch of them. Probably the best niche publication is your local weekly town newspaper. No TV network news or iPhone info, or anything on the web is going to inform you on a regular basis on what’s going on right under your nose - activities that you are most interested in. So, fortunately for you, your weekly local newspaper is going to continue to inform you of what’s happening in your back yard.

What about the New England Real Estate Journal (54 years old) and the New York Real Estate Journal (25 years old)? They are both very well read niche publications and will continue to be. No TV news, local or national is going to highlight yesterday’s, last week’s or even last month’s commercial mortgage transaction. They also are not going to feature articles written by local real estate experts on how to do, what to do, or when to do things in regard to real estate. They also won’t feature what is being built, what is being planned, what are the area real estate organizations doing and planning to do, who’s looking for a job, what companies are hiring, and what is being auctioned and where. Is that enough valuable information? There’s more. When you need money, where do you look? Who is an expert in helping you look? Want to know what something is worth? An experienced appraiser can tell you and they are in the Journal waiting for you inquiry.

It would not surprise me if niche publications began to grow larger and more important than ever. Those who want to read the Journal can easily do so by inquiring to the Journal’s circulation’s department. Please remember, the Journals are all designed for you doing more business, and so far it has worked wonders, thanks to you - the reader.

Roland Hopkins is the founder of the New York Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.