NYSCAR: Intro to Cost Segregation - Jan 26

On January 26, (9:30 a.m.) NYSCAR will present a two-hour “Introduction to Cost Segregation” C.E. course (via Zoom) with Frank Giudici. We hope you join us for this interesting topic!

Why NYSCAR members should embrace the cost segregation industry:

  1. Solidify client relationships…this is a tremendous tax savings value-add to offer clients who may not know any better;
  2. A legitimate reason to reconnect with clients (past/present/future) Cost Segregation is retroactive, which means anyone who owns commercial real estate (yes, both residential- and commercial-uses) dating back to the early-2000’s can still take advantage as part of their 2021 taxes without having to amend previous years’ tax filings;
  3. Generate more brokerage business…understanding how Cost Segregation works will allow brokers representing both buyers and sellers to close more business, and at a minimum, generate property interest;
  4. Personal gain…as licensed brokers you are considered Real Estate Professionals (REP), a special designation on one’s taxes that allows for depreciation deductions from the ownership of CRE to be used to offset any/all types of income, including your spouse…REPs are able to take full advantage of Cost Segregation;

If you would like to take the Intro to Cost Segregation course, please email Sherry at [email protected].