Marjory Cajoux to offer Masterclass in February on Breaking Into Real Estate: Post Covid

Marjory Cajoux, founder of The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux, is offering a Masterclass session on, “How to Break Into the Real Estate Market: Post-Covid.” 

What You Will Learn: How to Successfully Break Into the Real Estate Market; How to Legally Assume Mortgages; How to Navigate through Deals; How to Avoid the Pitfalls New Investors Make; and, How to Form Partnerships and Gain Access to Deals Only Known to a select Network. You will leave this seminar with a plan of action to start building your empire.

This seminar is geared for first time investors and individuals wanting to learn real estate investing from one of New York’s most prominent and experienced real estate attorneys.

Registration Cost: $5,000

Date: February 8th, 2022

To register/learn more: CLICK HERE