Asset Preservation 1031 Webinar - Feb 24

New York, NY Asset Preservation, Inc. will be offering a series of free webinars that qualify for CE credits in February. Pamela Michaels, Esq., senior VP of Asset Preservation, Inc. will lead the presentations, which are free, and open to the public. Topics this month include 1031 principles, closing a 1031 transaction, Delaware Statutory Trusts and advanced 1031 exchange stategies. The CE webinars are geared for attorneys, CPAs and all real estate professionals.

Topic 1031 Strategies in 2021 (highlight on Delaware Statutory Trusts)
Date: February 24, 2021
Time: 12 PM-2 PM
Presented by: Michaels and Roy Pfleger II, president & financial consultant, RVP II Consulting
Cost: Free
2021 First Quarter §1031 developments summarized. Basic to advanced topics will be covered. Learn how to maximize the benefits of §1031 exchanges in 2020 and structure beneficial §1031 exchanges. Learn how to avoid the most common §1031 pitfalls understand the related party rules, the impact of seller financing and partial exchanges, split treatment transactions, what are exchange expenses and “boot” and special tools for partnerships. Explore the options provided by reverse and improvement exchanges with illustrations of each structure. What is qualifying real property will be highlighted with a feature presentation on Delaware Statutory Trusts by Roy V. Pfleger II, President & Financial Consultant, RVP II Consulting. See Disclosures below***. Open to the public
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