Join IEDC in Buffalo for the 2018 IEDC Economic Future Forum! - June 24-26

Plan for prosperity by leveragingtomorrow's brightest assets today. The Economic Future Forum is this June 24-26, and you won't want to miss it.

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What's unique about this conference? Economic Future Forum is the only annual event which focuses on global trends and industry shifts that impact economic development, and this year it will be held in Buffalo, New York!

There is no better place to have a conference that is focused on the industries of the future than in a city with such a storied past.  The Buffalo-Niagara region is known for its innovations and bright ideas since the late 1800s. From hydroelectric power to air conditioning to the concept of brainstorming, Buffalo has been buzzing with creativity and entrepreneurship for hundreds of years. 

You will see for yourself how the region is powering up for the industries and economic development concepts oftomorrow. You'll focus on smart growth in terms of natural resources, historic assets and accessibility to transportation and job centers; fostering a culture of entrepreneurship; building a prepared workforce, including engagement with immigrant communities and addressing racial and social divides between members of the workforce and job opportunities. 

Need more reasons for why you should register right now?

1. You'll learn about some of the most anticipated disruptions and brightest opportunities to come throughout industries such as energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and real estate

2. You'll engage in thought-provoking discussion about education, including timely strategies to address various socioeconomic divides

3. From mixed-used development to health and wellness to natural resources, you'll gain insight on how to boost your community's attractiveness from multiple angles   

4. Many of your peers raved about last year's Economic Future Forum experience. Here's what two economic developers had to say:

"The programming at this conference was the best yet -- discovered so many useful ideas to bring home and implement, and made a good number of new contacts who will be good resources for our various existing and new programs." -- John Sternlicht, JD, CEc.D, CEO of the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County (WA)

"The Economic Future Forum opened my eyes to trends in the business, technology and economic development. I would highly recommend including this forum in your learning and development budget. The quality of the speakers was excellent." -- Anonymous

5. The New York Times included Buffalo in the list of the top 52 places to visit in 2018!  Buffalo has made the press a lot in the recent past. Check out all these great stories. You simply must go and experience the city for yourself. 

Get a virtual taste of Buffalo right now. Check out this video- we think you'll be amazed by all the economic development examples you will see around the city during the event!