Professional Profile: William Mason, Esq. 2018

William Mason

Name: William Mason

Title: Partner

Company: Mason and Mason, Esq.

Location: 394 Old Country Rd., Garden City, NY 11530

Birthplace: Queens, NY

Education: Bachlor of science degree from St Johns University 1989, juris doctor degree from Touro College 1994

First job: Licensed sales person for the Guardian Life Insurance Company

First job in the real estate field: Real estate attorney upon graduation from law school.

What do you now, and what are you planning to do in the future: For over twenty years I have concentrated my practice on real estate law representing, individuals, businesses, developers, title companies, and mortgage lenders as it relates to commercial and residential real estate transactions. I am presently the chairman of Real Estate and Financial Professionals of New York, and vice president of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers. I am past chairman of the Urban League of Long Island. I enjoy boating spending time with my family, and karate. I currently am the managing partner at Mason and Mason, PC, were I hope to continue to grow the size of the firm as well as my client base.

How do you unwind from a bust day: Typically enjoy going for a walk after work, or out to a restaraunt for dinner.

Favorite book or author: I don’t know if i could say I have a favorite book or author, but I do enjoy reading any book on history, or self improvement.

Favorite movie:  schindlers list

One word to descibe your work enviroment: busy

Rules to live by in business: work hard, be competitive, you can always learn something new, be fair

If you could invite one person to dinner  who would it be , and were would you go: newt gingrich, place wouldn’t matter since i think he would be so interesting.

What is your dream job: i work at it now , and love every day of it