Founders Message: A female finally runs for president by Roland Hopkins

Roland Hopkins, NYREJ Roland Hopkins, NYREJ

Many years ago I was told to avoid two subjects when writing my monthly messages–politics and religion. For obvious reasons I have stayed away from those subjects since neither has much of anything to do with the commercial real estate industry. However, in the past few years I have got away with mentioning Donald Trump’s activities since he is one of the most successful real estate developers in the country. During the last election when he investigated the possibility of running, I suggested that, in my humble opinion, he had too many other fun interests going on like TV shows, beauty contests, building golf courses, and more, that he would have to give up all that fun stuff if he was elected president. It turned out that I was right and he didn’t run. This time, however, he is obviously willing to give up all the fun stuff, be serious, and take a shot as being elected to the highest office in the land – all lands. I did my presidential homework and came up with a few interesting facts and figures that led me to only one conclusion. We have had 44 presidents move into the office since 1789 when the country voted for George Washington who went on to serve two terms. We’ve actually only had 43 different presidents. Grover Cleveland ran and won in 1885, lost to Benjamin Harrison in 1889, and then ran and beat him in 1893. And here’s something you didn’t know, or didn’t care. Which president served three terms? Give up? Franklin Roosevelt ran and won in 1933, served three terms till 1945. Who lived the longest? Both Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan made it to age 93. George Washington lived to 67, and we all know what happened to Abe Lincoln at age at 56. Four former presidents are still alive. Jimmy Carter (served 1977-81), George Bush Sr. (served 1989-93) Bill Clinton (served 1993-2001) and George Bush Jr. (served 2001-2009.) So this fall we will elect a new president. Who will it be? We have tried 43 different presidents – all of them men. Any reason why we haven’t tried allowing a female to run the country? Simple answer. No female has ever run for president. What does the crystal ball say will happen in the next election? If you believe in crystal balls, here’s what it says: Donald Trump will run against Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party will half heartedly back Mr. Trump, and many Republican voters will not vote at all. Therefore the country will introduce its first female president. Is she qualified? Since I am an Independent, I won’t lose any sleep over the results. Hillary lived in the White House for eight years. She has served as secretary of state and has been a senator. She may be the most qualified person to ever run for the office, and I must confess to all my loyal readers – there is something about women that has always impressed me. 

Roland Hopkins is the founder of the New York Real Estate Journal, Norwell, Mass.