Real Estate Summit: Transforming Westchester

Real Estate Summit: Transforming Westchester -- From Innovative Planning to Regulatory Streamlining
WHO: Keynote speaker: Richard O'Toole, General Counsel, SVP, Related Companies (developing Hudson Yards)
WHEN: Thursday, May 18, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
WHERE: Westchester Marriott

• Panel One: "Creating the Right Mix of Housing and Commercial Development"
• Panel Two: "Smart Growth: Improving Financial Performance, Lowering Taxes, and Creating Greater Efficiencies"
               - WCA distributing the first part of its "Housing Policy Playbook"

Westchester is experienced a surge in growth: transit-oriented development, repurposing buildings, millennials moving to the county. How do we accommodate growth? How do we prevent delays on project approvals? What steps should municipalities take to prepare for the future? Westchester County Association (WCA) has created a new plan to mitigate development delays and promote community input on development projects.  “Westchester’s Development Action Plan,” is being developed by the WCA’s Real Estate & Housing Task Force, with input from hundreds of stakeholders,  comprised of real estate professionals,  municipal officials, developers, business people, architects, engineers, consultants, planners, and others.The group  produced the "Housing Policy Playbook," the first part of which will be distributed at the conference.