USGBC-LI's “Conquering the Energy Code: Commercial”

Hauppauge, NY The United States Green Building Council - Long Island Chapter (USGBC-LI) will hold “Conquering the Energy Code: Commercial” on September 12.

The new Energy Code is now in effect! “Conquering the Energy Code: Commercial” prepares architects and engineers in New York State to comply with the many new requirements in the 2015 NYS Code and design more energy-efficient buildings in the process. In an era of more stringent code enforcement, the course provides critical knowledge about changes, new provisions, and best practices to avoid objections and stalled projects. “The course was very informative and provided a good overview of the Energy Code in general and the new changes in particular. It certainly increased my knowledge of the code and gave me a handle on how to address requirements in future jobs. Our instructor was interesting and effective in how she presented the material and engaged the class,” said Roy Leone, Conquering the Energy Code student. The course will run from  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 150 Motor Pwy., USGBC-LI Office LL80. Email for more info. Register online: