Ethics for the Real Estate Manager

According to the Greater New York Chapter of IREM, the Ethics for the Real Estate Manager course will be held on October 23 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The price is $185 members and for $230 non-members.

Becoming an accomplished business professional takes more than just hard work. In fact, how you respond to ethical challenges has a big impact on your long-term  personal reputation and success in business. But being ethical is not just a matter of following the law – it’s meeting the standards and expectations that govern the real estate profession. Professional ethics can make the difference between a career as an all-star and a career as an also-ran. Ethics matter. And people pay attention.

Register today and learn to tackle daily ethical dilemmas head on:

• Welcome to the real world. Get a full overview of the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, including the study of actual ethics cases and their implications.

• Do the right thing. Tactics and strategies to resolve ethical dilemmas.

• Avoiding conflict. Identifying factors that contribute to conflicts of interest so you’ll know when to avoid them.

On October 24, 25, 30 & 31 and November 1, IREM will hold “Managing Residential Properties” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Register at least 30 days in advance & receive $100 off these prices!  Prices are $715 for members and $870 for non-members.

Become an Accredited Residential Manager! This is your comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution to understanding and implementing the essentials of residential property management. From operations to finance to human resources, you’ll get every skill you could possibly need to optimize apartment management, and enhance your reputation in your marketplace.

Register today and get ready to take an evolutionary leap in your career:

• Get talented at talent development. You’ll learn management styles, recruiting and hiring, effective communications, and the always-tricky intergenerational dynamics. Find out how to boost productivity and collaboration.

• Be an operational expert. Create a maintenance and risk management plan, get smart at emergency planning, and discover the keys to working with contractors.

• It’s all about the money. Improve your property’s bottom line and earn recognition by mastering accounting, budgeting, cash flow, and operating expenses.

• Market. Lease. Succeed. Understand target markets, comparison grids, marketing strategies and social media, and the ins and outs of relevant laws.

Those who successfully complete this course and exam receive IREM’s ARM designation. All IREM classes are held at 1751 Second Ave.

To register for any of the listed  events or for more information, please visit or call (212) 944-9445.