2016 Women in Real Estate: Marsha Rand

June 22, 2016 - Spotlights
Marsha Rand, Better Homes and Gardens Real  Estate-Rand Realty Marsha Rand, Better Homes and Gardens Real
Estate-Rand Realty

Name: Marsha Rand

Title: CEO and founder

Company Name: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Rand Realty             

Email: marsha@randrealty.com      

Years in real estate: 39

Telephone: 239-229-0202

Year Founded: 1984

URL: randrealty.com

Twitter @BHGRand

How did you get your start in real estate?

My real estate career was a bit of an accident. I was a nurse and my husband was a physician, but I found that I had a greater talent in sales than nursing so I earned my real estate license and a few years later opened a small office in the Hudson Valley. In 1997, when I was looking to expand the growing business I turned to my sons - Greg, Matt and Joe. They were interested in getting involved and from there our business become a true example of a multigenerational success story affording us the opportunity to achieve continued success and growth.

What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of?

Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors; National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals; New York State Association of Realtors; National Association of Realtors; New Jersey Association of Realtors

What have been some of the benefits of being a mentor or having a mentor?

Since introducing all four of my sons to the real estate industry and managing hundreds of agents, I’ve found that the secret to being a mentor is not only teaching them and sharing your knowledge but allowing them to do things by themselves. All too often in real estate, when you pass your business to different generations or people you don’t let go enough. Conveying the importance of teaching balance in business and researching and educating yourself enough where you can trust your own judgment should be instilled during the beginning of any mentor/mentee relationship.  As a mentor the benefit comes from sharing your knowledge with your mentee and seeing them apply your practices to achieve success.

What time management strategies do you find to be the most effective for you?

Early on from balancing my kids and career I learned that time management was key to success and every minute counted otherwise you would be short changed. I built my business on the notion that time is precious and being aware of how I’m balancing my family, business, and free time is detrimental. It’s a discipline that you’re often not prepared with when you enter the business so I’ve found that making a list each day and getting intimidating tasks over with first provides you with the sense of accomplishment that will propel you forward during the rest of your day. Most recently, the brokerage and myself have begun using the ‘Eat That Frog!’ app, which has proved to be a successful motivating time management tool

What is the best advice you have received and who was it from?

In the beginning of my real estate career, my mentor taught me the distinction between position power and personal power. The difference ensures that without personal power you can’t be successful. Often times people are afraid of power which holds them back from truly reaching their potential - especially for women who are not always given the same encouragement. As women we are often mindful and careful about how we display personal power which can be discouraging and can prevent them from valuing and utilizing our personal power to its fullest potential.

What advice would you give to a woman who is planning to launch her own business?

From starting my own business, the advice I can offer those who want to launch their own business is to first and foremost believe in yourself. This is important in exuding the confidence and qualities that many look for when seeking out an agent for their real estate needs. Believing in yourself also involved not being afraid to make mistakes, it’s the decision you’re too afraid to make that prevent you from growing and learning.


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