Business of Superior Standards (BOSS)

Long IslandNY






    Businesses Of Superior Standards is an organization working with companies that service buildings. If you are a facility manager, building owner or business owner, Businesses Of Superior Standards (BOSS) can recommend one of Long Island’s leading companies to answer most of your facilities needs. All BOSS endorsed companies have been established for at lease four years (some as long as 90 years). All service the Nassau, Suffolk area. Most importantly all have a fine reputation for doing an outstanding job. When a company fits all of our criteria they receive the “BOSS Seal of Approval”. Similar to a Good Housekeeping Seal, it is your way of knowing that you are working with the best Long Island has to offer. This enables you to have a virtual one stop shopping system for your building. From construction to electrical, from furniture to HVAC and so much more, Businesses Of Superior Standards gives you the services you need most when you need them.