Year in Review 2018: Chuck Merritt, Merritt Environmental

December 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name & Title: Chuck Merritt, President 

Company Name: Merritt Environmental 

Address: 77 Arkay Drive, Suite D. Hauppauge, NY 11788



What was your most notable project, deal, transaction or professional achievement in 2018?

Assisting in the removal of two large buried oil tanks that were leaking. The tanks were excavated and disposed of and the impacted soil remediated.  Had the tanks continued to leak, groundwater would have been impacted causing a larger more expensive situation to correct. Lending Institution was able to close on the transaction based on our expedited scheduling and correspondence with the state regulators. 


What was the best decision that you made in 2018 and how did it impact your business?

Upgrading the server in our office. The old one was running on a platform that was no longer supported causing many problems and much IT time to correct. The integration was done over the weekend limiting our down time. Everyone is much happier with the increased speed and computing power we now have. 


What market trend(s) will impact your industry in 2019?

Commercial real estate in New York and the surrounding states should continue to be an attractive investment as long as interest rates with lenders remain at or near the historic lows that have been experienced over the past 10 years. 


What was an unexpected event that occurred in 2018, and how did it impact your career or personal life?

Getting selected for jury duty in which the trial ran everyday for 2 weeks. I had to catch up on my work stuff at night and still find time for my family. Very grateful to the dedicated staff I have at work that stepped up during that period. 


Do you have any New Year’s Resolution(s)?

I can usually lose weight quickly when I am focused. Keeping the weight off will be this year’s resolution. 


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