Xeleum: A powerhouse in the LED lighting industry

March 23, 2015 - Green Buildings

Bob Diamond, Xeleum

For over 30 years Xeleum, together with its affiliates, has been designing and manufacturing lighting and other electronic products for distribution under numerous major brands, as well as its own brand, through commercial, industrial and residential sales channels. It launched its line of LED lighting fixtures about five years ago, just as these products began achieving serious recognition in the market place.
Xeleum has since grown into a powerhouse within the emerging and fast growing LED industry. Its extensive line of indoor and outdoor LED products and controls are now in wide use at locations ranging from major office and residential buildings, schools and hospitals to warehouses, large commercial garages and supermarkets.
The rapidly expanding popularity of LED lighting and controls is because of their 50% to 85% energy cost savings and long maintenance-free operating life. Payback for the conversion is typically achieved within two years or less and, with financing provided by Xeleum or others, users can be cash-flow positive from day one so there is really no downside.
LED lighting products designed and manufactured by Xeleum carry a ten-year warranty, are bio-degradable and contain no mercury of other harmful chemicals found in conventional lighting. Many of their products are eligible for substantial rebates offered by electric utilities nationwide.
Among the most popular LED lighting products made by Xeleum are stairwell fixtures that detect occupancy and wirelessly communicate with each other, fluorescent replacement fixtures, a smart light control system that utilizes daylight harvesting and dimming controls, mesh technology based networked garage fixtures, warehouse high bay fixtures, and interior and exterior linear fixtures.
Bob Diamond is the president of Xeleum, Mt. Kisco, N.Y.


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