Virtual surveillance indispensable for security: Managed access control/video offers peace of mind

July 16, 2012 - Design / Build

Colin Foster, Virtual Service

Closed-circuit video cameras have become expected commonplace in today's urban environment. Often when a crime or misdeed takes place, investigators turn to the best possible witness; surveillance video capturing an act in real-time. Residents of multi-unit dwellings are finding that video is an effective deterrent and can eliminate dishonesty and minor offenses within their buildings.
While N.Y.C. has become a safer place than it once was, security still remains the number one reason building owners, managers and residents are choosing to implement a remote doorman system in their buildings. Virtual Doorman protects residents with 24-hour security. Virtual Doorman never sleeps or takes cigarette breaks and can't be tempted by extraneous influences. Virtual Doorman does not have the inherent weaknesses that a human doing the job may have. Residents in Virtual Doorman dwellings take comfort in leaving their home in the hands of our state-of-the-art security technology and our trained, customer service oriented team of technicians.
Developed more than 10 years ago by Virtual Service, the leader in advanced video security systems, Virtual Doorman offers non-doorman buildings the safety and peace of mind of a
full-time doorman at a fraction of the cost. While CCTV, key card entry, and other security technologies have been around for some time, we've combined the latest technology with our central operations center providing the added convenience of concierge services.
Virtual Doorman has the ability to remotely allow or disallow entry to a visitor based on each resident's specific instructions. Any person attempting to access the building is screened and positively identified by a highly trained operator from our remote office. Whether it's your dry cleaning or package delivery, dog walker, housekeeper, decorator, or a one-time appointment with a repairman, Virtual Doorman can be programmed to only allow access to people at specific times of the day.
Our remote doorman technology has been instrumental in many cases where problems existed in a building and were immediately resolved after the implementation of our systems. Since our cameras capture every moment on video, offenders of package theft or those residents permitting entry to unknown persons becomes virtually non-existent. Recently, a condo board member shared an instance of a resident engaged in suspicious activities in the building. The issue literally disappeared overnight once the Virtual Doorman system was integrated. Board members who were once skeptical of removing their physical doorman and replacing him with Virtual Doorman, have now become our greatest advocates in other buildings. In many other instances, we've been commended by the N.Y.C. Police Department for assisting with their investigations.
Virtual Doorman's ongoing commitment to utilizing the latest technology translates into greater convenience and savings for buildings protected by our unique system. Residents in our buildings take advantage of being able to leave for vacations or work knowing that their homes are in safe hands.
Developed more than 10 years ago by Virtual Service, Virtual Doorman is the innovator and market leading remote doorman service. This unique system is the most cost-efficient remote doorman service and also helps building managers provide better service. Virtual Doorman is designed to remotely secure the building, greet visitors and provide access, accept deliveries, facilitate maintenance and service calls, offering increased convenience, heightened security and peace of mind for small to mid-sized residential properties.
The company is headquartered at 104 West 40th St., 10th Floor, New York, NY and can be reached at 212-400-6000, via email at or on the web at
Colin Foster is a partner and vice president of sales at Virtual Service, New York, N.Y.


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