Video Doorman Safe Lobby monitors lobbies for safety

April 11, 2011 - Design / Build

Larry Dolin, American Security Systems, Inc.

Most real estate property managers and police departments agree that 95% of apartment building crime begins at the front door. Now Video Doorman Safe Lobby is the first proactive security system to prevent lobby loitering and monitor lobbies for safety. It's so unique there's a patent pending.
The Video Doorman Safe Lobby System provides a residential apartment building with remote security and surveillance 24/7, just like an actual doorman or guard. It limits access only to tenants; it makes sure the front door is closed; it detects forced entry; it welcomes and escorts tenants into the building 24/7; and it prohibits loitering in the lobby. Access control, monitoring and recording are all rolled into one system!
How It Works
The system integrates a card reader and front door contact with cameras, speakers and microphones in the lobby and the elevator. The high quality Digital Video Recorder with Video Analytics is linked via high-speed IT line to our Central Station, allowing us to literally be the doorman of your building.
Eight key benefits
are offered with
Video Doorman Safe Lobby
1. Card Access Door Control & Management
2. Central Station Monitoring
3. Entry/Surveillance
4. Video Analytics to prevent loitering
5. 24/7 Video Recording
6. Door Ajar Notification
7. Latchkey Kid Notification
8. Forced Entry Alert
Why it makes sense
for building managers
The most easily identified way to ease renters' concerns over safety and security is the installation of an internal video surveillance system, such as Safe Lobby by Video Doorman. By installing a Video Doorman video security system, many managers and owners experience benefits including:
Minimal cost. The number one disadvantage for most property managers and building owners is the cost. At about 50 cents per day, Safe Lobby by Video Doorman offers integrated security systems with live operators and video surveillance services to monitor the events of the building.
Reduce liability/lower insurance rates. Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of security alarms and video surveillance protection by rewarding owners with price breaks.
Decrease in unwanted access and loitering. From domestic disputes to criminal activity, security access systems and alarm systems give that added advantage of approved traffic flow. When residents are able to allow approved traffic and disallow troubling visitors, they feel more in control of their safety and security.
Higher occupancy and retention. In recent years, it is hard to find anyone who has not moved at least once. By increasing the sense of security with video surveillance and alarm systems, turnover will be less due to the largest concern by renters today: safety. Providing them a safe place to live and raise their children will give returns of higher overall occupancy and improved retention.
Higher rent. As a selling feature for increasing rent or higher rent, security is top on the list of concerns among renters because many potential leasers equate safety with a doorman in New York City.

Larry Dolin is the president and founder of American Security Systems, Long Island City, N.Y.


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