Skoda of Skoda Design addresses realtors at Century 21 Sunshine; Explained why “Green is More” and the need to go beyond

June 20, 2017 - Design / Build

Pictured above (from left) are: Barbara Ordonez, Yorick Jiang, Eleana Caner and (far right) Jackson Wen head architect Irena Skoda (second from right) explain why “Green Is More.” 

Queens, NY Irena Škoda, CEO and founder of ŠKODA Design + Architecture, addressed a group of realtors at Century 21 Sunshine in Elmhurst, on the meaning of Škoda’s trademark “Green Means More” concept and the need for architects and designers to go beyond energy efficiency when renovating homes or designing new homes and multifamily dwellings. The talk broke ranks with popular misconceptions on sustainability, net zero and Passive House Design that focuses on eco-friendly technology and introduced the mindset shift from technology to the focused human element in design.

“‘Green Means More,’ shifts the emphasis from the technology to benefits for the persons living in the home. Green is about you and the outcomes above and beyond the energy efficiency,” said Škoda. 

Advising the audience to leave the complexities of technology to the architects and engineers, she said, “Green Design is about how it makes you, the homeowner, feel; it’s about comfort and the quality of life. How we interact with the space we live in determines our own energy and, consequently, our productivity.” 

She noted too that green design adds significant benefits to occupants and value to a house or apartment complex. 

Properly constructed spaces eliminate the need for boilers and radiators which are overdesigned mechanically in conventional homes and where standard wall construction is of lesser quality causing leakages that hurt homeowner’s wallets. 

“The leaks in improperly designed homes are massive and therefore the number one renovation to consider in the homes is its main exterior structure,” she said. “A Passive House is like a thermal jacket that fits ‘just right’ and is not oversized, creating holes for heated and cooled air to escape.” 

To be classified as a Passive House, walls must pass multiple calibrated tests ensuring that they are leak-free; windows are triple-paned ensuring warmth and quiet.  

Proper natural daylighting and general artificial lighting are also key components to maintaining healthy living. As we spend 90% of our time indoors, a better lighting system can improve the daylighting balance in our lives.

The Century 21 Sunshine real estate office, located on Grand Avenue, is known for its international group of multi-lingual agents, many of whom are fluent in Chinese dialects, Korean, Spanish and other languages.  

Long Island City-based ŠKODA Design + Architecture, pllc, is an architecture and design firm specializing in concepts that integrate sustainability with human interaction.


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