Outside the Region: Park Assist and Skidata awarded PGS contract for new 3rd St. Ramp project

December 18, 2018 - Front Section

Rochester, MN The city has awarded Park Assist and Skidata the Parking Guidance System (PGS) contract for the new 3rd St. Ramp construction. The new mixed-use development is connected to the new Hilton hotel and features almost 450 covered and 110 non-covered spaces. 

Residents and visitors to the new mixed-use facility and Mayo Hospital will enjoy the ease of finding their vehicle using Park Assist’s Find My Car feature. 

Thanks to reliable License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities, visitors will be able to enter their license plate number and be guided to their car upon reentry to the parking garage.

Rochester is home to the Mayo Hospital and the garage is just a few short blocks away. Rochester was in search of a system that would allow their operations to stay up to date and efficient using the latest in parking technology. Park Assist was chosen for its proven, patented camera-based PGS integrated with the Skidata System. The PGS package will include Park Assist’s M4 smart-sensors, guiding visitors to available spaces in the parking garage and offering management superior monitoring and detection capabilities.

With the additional software feature Park Alerts, Rochester’s parking management will gain valuable control of space utilization by enabling management to set automated rules and alerts in the garage. Park Alerts will notify management of any violations to parking policies based on time-based or license plate-based alerts. Park Alerts can also bring attention to repeat or VIP visitors, allowing management to highlight these valuable visitors and reward their loyalty.

“Park Assist is very excited to announce this project with the City of Rochester and Skidata. As one of the first cities in the US to deploy a camera-based guidance system, the city of Rochester will not only be able to leverage all the benefits of camera-based guidance but also have the option to expand the system in the future leveraging the strong integration capabilities of both Park Assist and Skidata,” said Vince Balsamo, General Manager - North America.

As part of the new construction, Park Assist’s new PGS site is expected to go live in December 2018.


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