Metro Pest launches Eco-Control: A green initiative for industry change

April 25, 2011 - Green Buildings
Metro Pest Control has launched Eco-Control, an environmentally focused initiative to provide green pest control services to its residential and commercial customers. The company's three-part plan includes a new optional service using environmentally safe botanical products, integrated pest management and an Eco-Control Research Department to explore greener solutions for the future. Products will be tested for safety and efficacy and to ensure that the best possible treatments are provided.
"When people think of pest control, they think of harsh chemicals and harm to the environment," said Greg Zarek, general manager and senior vice president of Metro Pest Control. "We need to change that impression and provide solutions that are effective and eco-friendly."
Metro Pest Control's optional Eco-Control service features environmentally safe products, including powders, dusts, sprays, baits and aerosols, which can be used both indoors and out. The Eco-Control service is utilized for rodents, roaches and bedbugs. These products contain a variety of botanical pesticides, plant produced chemicals. The advantage in using green products is that they break down and neutralize within 24 hours leaving little or no active contamination in the treated areas.
As part of Eco-Control, the company has started an internal greening of their Glendale office, which includes a switch to energy-saving fluorescent lighting, new rooftop HVAC units, and a plan to incorporate more energy saving programs.
The Eco-Control service is requested by numerous customers, including doctors' offices, schools and homes
with pregnant women, children or pets. Recently, Metro Pest Control was asked to service a Queen's nursing
home and treat a heavy roach infestation. The company decided that the Eco-Control service would be the best
way to effectively treat the problem, while also maintaining the residents' comfort.
For more information on Eco-Control or any pest control related question or concern, please call Metro Pest
Control at 800-834-8199 or visit us at


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