Downtown New Rochelle development led by RXR and Cappelli - by Matthew Thayer O’Shaughnessy

December 03, 2019 - Front Section

The "Queen City On The Sound" is getting it’s big real estate makeover. There is something new in the clear, fresh air that has led these two mega developers and others to build luxury residential buildings here. You may remember well it was veteran developer Mr. Cappelli who came roaring into our fine city previously with his glorious structural achievements Trump Plaza...The Lofts At New Roc and indeed New Roc City. In addition to his impressive real estate resume, Mr Cappelli is also well known for his diligent and fine work in booming White Plains, NY where he has several holdings.  Now, as we speak, The Cappelli Organization is gearing up for another return to New Rochelle in the form of The Standard,  a sleek and luxurious 14 story residential offering targeting millennials.  The Standard boasts some 4,000 s/f of prime retail space and is just a stones throw from another one if Mr. Cappelli’s towering achievements, Trump Plaza. 

As a proud lifelong resident of New Rochelle, Mr. Cappelli’s return to our burgeoning city feels like a much needed tonic for what some view as a frenzy of new construction. I feel it’s great the seasoned developer has set his sights on our unique suburban city yet again. Indeed the city that gave this visionary his urban development start. 

Also causing real estate waves in New Rochelle is Scott Rechler and his formidable RXR Realty. Their strong and luxurious 360 Huguenot seems to alot of people to feel like Park Ave. sophistication and class. No stone has been left unturned, right down to the modern  and welcoming lobby, clever valet parking and more. RXR, long known for their modern residential buildings has set it’s sights on New Rochelle in grand fashion and it seems to have paid back in a major fashion. Upon receiving a tour of 360 Huguenot, one cannot help but feel the attention to detail that is apparent here. A state of the art gym,  well constructed outdoor deck with full cooking capabilities, a formal meeting room with all the accompaniments and more. Then there are the unique and able to be defined only in their own terms apartments. Very tastefully designed right down to the high grade kitchen appliance’s and spacious living space.’s 2019 and downtown New Rochelle is undergoing its massive real estate transformation. Build on!

Matthew Thayer O’Shaughnessy is a contributing author, New Rochelle, N.Y.



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