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August 21, 2018 - Spotlights

Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp. (MECC) was formed In June of 2009, under the direction of Chuck Merritt who has been assisting lending institutions, attorneys, real estate investors, and property owners for over two decades. With offices in New York, Florida and Vermont, MECC has grown into a regional consulting firm serving clients along the East Coast.

The primary services offered by MECC include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Focused Sub-Surface Site Investigations, which are commonly referred to as the Phase II Assessment. These services are designed to aid the client in determining if any environmental issues exist at a property.

MECC is typically engaged by a purchaser, real estate attorney or lending institution to commence with a Phase I report in which a site reconnaissance is performed. Historical maps, database reports, local regulatory agency information and interviews with persons knowledgeable with the site are used to provide additional information. We typically conduct a site visit within 48-72 hours of engagement and provide a summary of findings within a 5-7 days of the site visit. The Phase I ESA provides clients with valuable data in which to make informed business decisions regarding potential environmental issues that may exist.

When Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) are noted, MECC has the capacity to assist clients with a scope of work for additional investigations. Utilizing professional geologists (PGs) our Phase II Investigations are designed to address specific issues raised in the Phase I. This process provides additional data to the client about the sub-surface soil, groundwater and vapor potential that may exist.

Our mission is to educate our client base on the potential cost and liability issues that are associated with environmental impacts. We accomplish this by providing great customer service and earning our clients trust every day. Many firms that use MECC have trusted Merritt and his team for over two decades.

We respond quickly to our client’s needs and provide clear, concise reports. We understand the need to see real estate transactions completed and rise to that challenge every day. Our Phase I  reports provide the data necessary for our clients to make better business decisions. When RECs are discovered, our team works with the client to decide on the scope of work required next. Many times this includes the collection of soil, groundwater, air samples (Phase II Investigation) which helps provide additional information in concert with completing the transaction.

MECC has represented clients in the commercial real estate industry and are familiar with every asset class, including industrial sites, multifamily buildings, professional office complexes and retail shopping centers. MECC continues to grow into new markets serving our diverse client base.

Chuck Merritt, LEED AP, is the president of Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y


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