Green initiatives: Killing two birds with one stone

June 23, 2015 - Green Buildings

David Schwartz, DS Magic Tech

Green green green? All we hear nowadays is green energy. What does it really mean? We hear so many options for smarter technology, in order to conserve energy. Everyone loves green initiatives, it saves on the bottom line and it helps the planet. It kills two birds with one stone.
But the most innovative inventions are the ones that aren't innovations in equipment but are actually the opposite, they are low tech. Water and energy are both global issues, would it not be great to tackle both with one low tech option? The Water Scrooge does exactly that!
The Water Scrooge provides building owners and management companies with a unique approach to conservation through the use of patented water regulator technology. Their state-of-the-art regulators provide maximum water efficiency which translates into savings on two levels. On a basic level, less water is used which means that water costs will decrease. Furthermore, since less water is being consumed, the amount of energy required to heat that water is reduced so energy costs are lowered as well. Energy and water are by their very nature interwoven.
The Water Scrooge's patented tamper-proof regulators lock in the desired water flow in showerheads and sinks preventing tenants from increasing their water flow and pouring your money down the drain!
Their devices are installed in minutes behind the wall! It is the most effective tamper proof shower regulator on the market today. The Water Scrooge's regulators save up to 40% of a landlord's water and energy usage! The maintenance free, tamper proof design makes their products the ideal quick fix for saving money on your water, hot water and sewage usage.
The Water Scrooge regulators are pressure compensating and exceed the EPA guidelines for maximum showerhead and sink flows. Their regulators have saved landlords money by reducing water flow, yet they are designed to maintain optimal water pressure. Tenants will benefit from consistent water pressure and comfortable water flow. The Water Scrooge works closely with The Water Group NY, a leader and expert in the water management field which target the buildings which will benefit from the water scrooge installation and will save the most.
You can see how it works by visiting The Water Scrooge website at:
David Schwartz is the inventor of The Water Scrooge and CEO of DS Magic Tech, LLC, Lynnbrook, N.Y.


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