Snyder of SBLM Architects discusses most daring career move

May 28, 2013 - Spotlights

Carrie Snyder, SBLM Architects

Name : Carrie Snyder
Title : Associate, Marketing Director
Company/firm : SBLM Architects
Years with Company/firm : 1.5
Years in field : 15
Years in real estate industry : 15
Address : 545 West 45th Street, 4th Fl, New York, NY 10036
Telephone : 212-995-5600
Email :
Real estate organizations/affiliations : AREW, SMPS
How do you and/or your firm use social media?
I launched SBLM's first social media initiative last year. We use Twitter and LinkedIn extensively and are on Facebook as well. I find it can be a tremendous tool to keep track of industry trends and current news on your clients and competitors. I use LinkedIn personally as well, it is a great way to stay in touch with a dynamic network. People who might not respond to an email will often reply to a quick LinkedIn message.
What is your biggest leadership challenge, other than the 'glass ceiling'?
Managing different personality styles and working with multiple generations is a challenge for anyone, but I find this to be such a resource of new ideas and talent. Collaborating with people different from yourself can often create the best new concepts.
What is the most daring thing you've done for your career? How did it turn out for you?
Getting through the recession was difficult even though I was employed through it all. Everyone in the industry dealt with many cutbacks, and the ranks of women architects even dropped. I came across the opportunity at my current firm at the right time and am very pleased I made a change.
Which project, deal or transaction was the 'game changer' in the advancement of your career?
For a marketing professional, winning proposals and awards is very validating. A great project still needs the right presentation to stand out, I was able to curate content to tell meaningful stories in an impressive way, highlighting the unique expertise of my firm, and the qualitative successful elements of each project. I have helped my firms win over 20 design excellence awards. SBLM Architects was recently awarded the 2013 SMPS-NY Communications Award for Brand Identity. It feels excellent to be recognized by your colleagues and peers.
What do you consider to be the most successful way to increase referrals?
Treat others with kindness and honestly and be helpful. I am in this industry because I love it, you have got to use that passion to incite a meaningful dialogue with others.
What is the BEST advice you have ever received?
Limitations are your greatest asset. Be it time, labor, content, financial - get over it and make it great and make it work!
What is your favorite tip for balanced living?
Always do your best for others but keep time for yourself as well.
Where would you like to be in 10 years?
I hope to be an inspiration to my niece and nephews.


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