Centennial Security Integration, Inc. secures its space in the hospitality industry

June 08, 2009 - Owners Developers & Managers

Eric L'Esperance

Brian Valenza

Christian Cahill

Centennial Security Integration, Inc. (CSI) has secured its space in the hospitality industry. The company has evolved into a high-end system integrator that installs IP video surveillance cameras and monitoring systems in New York's finest hotels. In addition, the company also installs access control, building intercom systems, biometrics, and intruder/fire alarm solutions in commercial and residential facilities throughout the tri-state area.
Eric L'Esperance, CSI's original founder and CEO, Brian Valenza, CSI's president and COO, and Christian Cahill, CSI's vice president are leading the way in strengthening hotel security in N.Y. At CSI, the main priority is safeguarding major New York Hotels and their guests by replacing legacy security systems with cutting edge IP Video Technology. The CSI team has acquired an outstanding reputation in the hospitality industry and continues building relationships and a level of trust with hotel management that is second to none. With top-notch technicians on hand and back-end support available 24/7, CSI has built the right team to handle the complexity of hotel security.
Leading New York hotels including the Radisson Martinique have relied on CSI to upgrade their current security systems and improve hotel security. Currently, CSI is working with The Allegria Hotel & Spa in Long Beach, N.Y. to complete a major IP camera installation by June prior to the hotel's grand opening. At the end of the day, New York's finest hotels want to ensure the safety of their guests and employees now more than ever. With the country in a major recession, hotels throughout the country are cutting security staff at a time when criminal activity is on a rise. It is important to keep safety top of mind while providing luxurious guest accommodations. In addition, hotel management must have the ability to monitor and review special events and export video. Hotel security needs to have instant access to monitoring large scale hotel events and standard daily operations without worrying about downtime.
A huge challenge for CSI was preventing disruption of hotel operations during the physical camera installations. To accomplish this, CSI's team was flexible and operated during off-hours when necessary to seamlessly upgrade each hotel's security system. CSI worked closely with hotel security and operations staff to coordinate schedules and complete the job quickly and efficiently.
CSI customizes each hotel's security system installation and uses the most reliable and top of the line security equipment in the industry. Hotel management receives peace of mind knowing that all equipment is backed by extensive manufacturer warranties with minimal downtime. CSI is available 24/7 to service and maintain their security systems.
Over the last 3 years, CSI has developed strong relationships within the real estate management and governmental markets. Within the public sector, CSI provides high level security system integration, programming, and training for agencies such as the DDC, DEP, HRA, NYCHA, and is an approved SCA vendor. CSI adds the hospitality industry to its expanding list of expertise, becoming a leading provider of high-end hotel security systems in New York.


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