2018 Women In Real Estate, Professional Services: Meghan Allen, CBRE

September 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Meghan Allen 

Title: Senior Associate

Company Name: CBRE

Real estate association / organization affiliation(s): Licensed Sales Person for the State of New York; Member, Real Estate Board of New York; Member, Young Men’s/Women’s Real Estate Association

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months?

I’ve worked on some exciting deals this past year with my team. We negotiated a 33,000 s/f deal on behalf of ownership at 444 Madison Ave. for the law firm Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas. We also worked closely with ownership at 780 Third to redesign our building finishes and launch a prebuilt program which has elevated what the building has to offer and has resulted in positive leasing velocity. In addition, I was promoted to senior associate this past February.

How important is it for women to create a personal brand?

It’s an incredible advantage for women to create a strong personal brand. Since we are still the minority in CRE, especially in brokerage, it’s important to have a brand identity that’s sets you apart from the competition. Over the last few years I’ve realized that younger brokers often take similar approaches to getting their foot in the door. I make a point to conduct myself in a way that is true to the brand I want to build and in a way that allows me to stand out.

 from other brokers and from other firms. 

What blogs, resources, podcasts or influencers have helped you?

I am fortunate enough to have great influences and mentors at CBRE. I’ve been working with my senior team members, Paul Amrich, Patrice Meagher and Neil King, since I entered the business about five years ago. Starting on an established, successful team gave me great exposure to clients and allowed me to learn the business quickly. 

I’ve also benefitted from the internal training programs and market meetings at CBRE. In addition, I read the major news sources, like the Wall Street Journal, to stay updated on the market and current events. 

How many messages are in your inbox right now and how do you manage email?

There are between 5 and 10 emails in my inbox right now. With hundreds of emails coming in daily, I’ve become very efficient in responding to what’s important, deleting those that aren’t and filing every message into specific folders. Anything left in my general inbox is left deliberately to serve as an action item for the next day. This method helps keep me sane!

What do you do like to do for fun?

I love to travel and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy living in NYC and trying new restaurants and workout classes. 

In one word, describe yourself: 



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